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Tailing Ponds

Mining operations produce large volumes of waste and debris referred as “tailings” that end up at the bottom of containment ponds and lagoons. We offer specialty dredging equipment and services designed to desilt and desludging a range of slime ponds, tailings lagoons, and contained waterways at mine sites.

We can undertake surveys of tailings dams and lagoons to determine the topography of the dam floor (ie. dam profile) and estimate the amount and position of the solids to be removed.
Our mini dredgers can be used on sites with tight or restricted access.
This waste often takes the form of coal fines that can reduce the water volume in the water body and pose a significant environmental hazard. It is essential to remove sediment in mining ponds to maintain water capacity and comply with today’s increasingly stringent environmental regulations.
The dredgers can be fitted with liner protection systems so they can be used for the safe dredging of geomembrane lined ponds without risking damage or rupture of the polyethylene liner.
Dredging solution provider to the mining industry undertaking dredging of mine ponds, mine lagoons, tailings dams, mine sludge or industrial dewatering projects.
Mine Tailings Dredging
Liner Safe Dredge

Tailings Dredge

Dredging can be a very effective and economical means of extracting tailings from a storage facility.

For decades, mines have been dealing with their waste by disposing of tailings in a pond. Today, the materials in these tailing ponds are seen as valuable and potentially usable. If mines extract them, they can use them.

Benefits of Tailing Pond Dredging:

  • Value Recovery: Instead of disposing of it, processing waste through dredging and dewatering allows mines to recover minerals that can be reused in the mine’s processes.
  • Environmental Performance: At the end of the day, these solutions are turning waste into raw material and products. It has never been more crucial for companies in the mining sector to abide by increasingly stricter environmental regulations, and go above and beyond compliance to build a profile as sustainability leaders.
  • Cost Savings: More often than not, our environmental solutions enable mines to recover and reuse enough product to cover the costs of the services, and then some.
  • Convenience: By bringing solutions onsite to mining locations, we are providing customers with a safe, convenient, turn-key approach to managing and processing their waste onsite.

Tailings Contractor

P&S has extensive experience performing mine remediation projects in accordance with CERCLA/RCRA and other federal, state, and location regulations. 

One example customer is a coal mine that requested a machine capable of dredging sediments from three ponds where all the storm water of the mine was collected, as well as the water coming from the mining machines.

The drainage pumps currently used were not able to remove the solid material from the bottom of the ponds, affecting the capacity of the ponds which was continuously decreasing.

The dredging system had to be remote controlled and capable of removing the settled fine sediment from the bottom.

Our solution

Pump and Slurry supplied a remote controlled dredge equipped with a high chrome, high solids slurry pump with a jetting ring that is capable of mixing the fine material through pressurized water jets.

Tailings Consulting Services

Often tailings ponds can be neglected for decades.  We have the experience and equipment to bring it back up to full storage capacity and meet all local, State and Federal guidelines.  Contact us Pump and Slurry Tailing Pond Services at 619-315-6310.

  • Site evaluation
  • Geotechnical, hydrogeologic, rheologic, and geochemical evaluation and characterization
  • Risk and hazard assessment and emergency response planning
  • Construction and operation monitoring, management, and quality assurance
  • Decommissioning, closure, and landform restoration
  • Tailing pond dredges, pumps and service.
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