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With over 25 years of experience designing, engineering, manufacturing, and operating various types of state-of-the-art dredge equipment all over the world, there is no one in the industry with the turnkey application pumping and dredging knowledge that we have within our company. 

We’re here to help you win your dredging proposal to project completion.

What We Do

Dredge Project Consulting & Engineering

Project Consulting

We offer multi-disciplinary solutions to complex problems, whereby the emphasis is upon quality, transparency, delivery and reliability.

Slurry Pumping and Slurry Transport

Slurry Transport

We created a new category of slurry pump to move materials with up to 70% solid content. Learn More

Dredging Equipment for Excavators

Dredging Equipment

We build and use our own ultra-modern dredging equipment used around the world and by the US Navy. Learn More

Dewatering Equipment and Services


Our equipment efficiently dewaters and separates heavy materials for re-processing or disposal. Learn More

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Our on-site staff of 50 personnel works closely with our clients around the world on their pumping, dredging, and dewatering projects for mining, dredging environmental remediation, and everything in-between.

Pumping & Slurry Transport

Based on decades of engineering and manufacturing pumps and systems for some of the largest government agencies and companies in the world, there is nobody with more experience than P&S.  Click to learn more.

Dredge Consulting

The need for dredging is determined by a combination of factors including authorized project design, hydrographic surveys, rainfall, equipment availability, and the concerns of the USCG, local Ports, and other users. Click to learn more

Water removal is the primary means of volume reduction before the slurry or sludge waste can be treated or disposed of in the most economical manner. Click to learn more.

For over two decades we continue to manufacture dredging and slurry pumps along with a full-line of dredging equipment.  We offer sales, rentals, and consulting to make sure everything works well and fits your project needs.

Equipment Rentals

We rent all types of dredges, dredge attachments, and pumps that you will need for your short term project. We also have rent to own programs.  Click here to learn more.

Equipment For Sale

We sell our own dredging and pumping equipment that is specially designed especially for your purpose.  Click here to see our dredges and pumps.

Customization Services

Sometimes you need equipment to be made to be interoperable with other equipment or have a small tweak made to fit your project.  Click here to learn more.

With twenty years of experience in manufacturing equipment for the dredging and mining industry we deploy, consult, and set up projects with an equipment package to handle any big project.  We have built industry relationships to get projects from ideas to completion for all types of stakeholders including companies, individuals, and municipalities.  Explore our slurry transport and dredging equipment below and reach out to see about getting your project started.


Jetting Ring Dredge Pump

Liner Safe Dredge

Excavator Dredging Attachment

Diver Operated Dredge

High Solids Slurry Pumps

High Solids Self-Priming Slurry Pump

Skid Mounted Slurry Pumps

Slurry Booster Pumps

Shale Shakers


Slurry Water Treatment

Water Treatment

Geotextile Tubes