Pumps transfer liquids from one point to another by converting mechanical energy
from rotation into pressure energy (head)

Submersible Pump for Dewatering


Pumps transfer liquids from one point to another by converting mechanical energy from rotation into pressure energy (head)The pressure applied to the liquid forces the fluid to flow at the required rate and to overcome friction (or head) losses in piping, valves, fittings, and process equipment.
Pump Terminology

Pump Terminology

The pump provides the energy necessary to drive the fluid through the system and overcome friction and any elevation difference. Pressure is increased when fluid particles are forced closer together.
Slurry Pumping 101

Slurry Pumping 101

A slurry is a liquid containing solid particles whilst a liquor contains dissolved particles. Pumping  solids raises different requirements for a pump compared to pumping just a liquid.

Pump Characteristics

Pump Characteristics

Pressure, friction and flow are three important characteristics of a pump system. Pressure is the driving force responsible for the movement of the fluid. Friction is the force that slows down fluid particles. Flow rate is the amount of volume that is displaced per unit time.

Mining Pump Applications

Mining Pump Applications

Manufactured specially to handle suspended solids, be corrosion resistant, impact resistant, and overheating resistant our pumps are ready handle heavy daily use and abuse in tough environments.

Slurry Pump Electric

Desalination & Brine Pumps

The decision shouldn’t be made only considering the price. It’s essential to look for the best value per money and to sign the contract based on the contractor’s experience, safety assurance, fleet, and technical capabilities.

Self Priming Slurry Pump

How Self-Priming Pumps Work

One of the challenges engineers face when designing a self-priming or process pump is removing air from the piping and pump casing. These casings create the suction necessary for forcing the liquid to the pump. If any air gets into the self-priming pump, it cannot operate properly.

Mining Pump Applications

What is Pump Cavitation?

Cavitation is when the fluid being pumped changes into a gas due to low pressure regions around the
impeller. Pumps are designed to move liquid, not gasses. Gasses do not centrifuge.

Slurry pump and hose

Pump Vibration Levels

Vibration levels can be used to monitor bearing condition and provide an excellent diagnostic tool for preventative maintenance. Both permanently mounted accelerometers and portable sensing units can be used to track changes in the vibration signal as the equipment ages.