Dredging & dewatering articles and FAQ’s to get you started.

Dredging Permitting in the USA

Dredging Permits FAQs

Major effort and planning is required to get the permits for your dredging project. 

History of Dredging

History of Dredging

Water has always been a key way to transport people, goods, and everything else. Yet it’s not always smooth sailing.

Sediments Suspended Load Movement

Sediment and Suspended Sediments

Storms significantly influence rivers by increasing the water flow and its speed, as well as the amount of sediment. 

Excavator Dredge Projects

4 Key Steps in Dredging Projects

The decision shouldn’t be made only considering the price. It’s essential to look for the best value per money and to sign the contract based on the contractor’s experience, safety assurance, fleet, and technical capabilities.

Types of Dredging Projects

3 Types of Dredging Projects

Periodical dredging is performed on a regular basis to maintain a site that would otherwise get damaged by the sedimentation of sand or silt Developmental dredging creates a new development that was not there before and finally emergency dredging.

Excavator Dredge Video

Excavator Video

A quick way to dredge is using an excavator you rent or own with  the reach to put the cutter or jetting head into the material you want to dredge.  Watch this in action.

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8 Inch Slurry Pump
Dewatering Submersible Pump
Crane Cable Mounted Pumps
Slurry Pumps
Slurry Booster Pump

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Mini Lagoon Dredge Pump - USA
Diver Operated Dredge Pump
Excavator Attachment Dredge Pump
Cable Deployed Jetting Ring Dredge Pump
Environmental Dredging

Dewatering Tanks

Dewatering Tanks

Depending upon your needs there are dewatering tanks, Frac-Tanks, or dewatering tanks lined with Geotextile material to separate solids from liquids.

Underwater Cable Mapping - Hydrographic Survey

Cable & Pipeline Surveys

Coastal hydrographic and geophysical survey of all types high-definition sonar inspection surveys of in-water structures and subsea assets.

Liner-Safe Remote Dredger

Liner-Safe Remote Dredger

Liner safe dredges just received a big upgrade with this remote-operated dredger on rubber tracks.
Diver Operated Dredge Video

Diver Operated Dredge Video

Watch as a diver operates this dredging system to pick up and remove sandy sediment.  

Dredge Positioning System Video

Real Time Dredge Positioning System Video

Any excavator operator can easily learn how to dredge using this easy to follow software to guide their movements.  This will save you time, money, and training.

Fly Ash Cleanup

Three Phases of Fly Ash Cleanup

Proactive responses to a catastrophic spill have recovered hundreds of acres of habitat for ecological and recreational use.

Dewatering Fly Ash Pond

Closing & Dewatering a Fly Ash Pond

Fly ash material has historically been stored in ponds and is  known to be unstable and sensitive to vibration when saturated. 

Fly Ash Dewatering

Creating a Closed Loop System for Fly Ash Dredging and Dewatering

The process involves hydraulic dredging of residuals from the Recycle Basin Pond, long distance pumping of residuals, mechanical dewatering of the residuals.

Sampling & Testing Plan for Dredging

Sampling & Testing Plan for Dredge

Depending upon dredge management options, sediment quality is compared to specific soil and water quality standards. For upland disposal, sediment quality may be compared to Residential and Non-Residential soil cleanup criteria.

Liner Safe Excavator Dredge Attachment

Concrete Lined Canal Dredging Video

Irrigation canals, agricultural water delivery systems require periodic maintenance, involving mechanical removal of sediments and algal growth from canal basins.  Our liner safe wheel is excellent for this application.  See it in action here.

Barge Unloading Slurry Pump

Barge Unloading Slurry Pump Video

Non-self-unloading barges need to be unloaded either mechanically or hydraulically. Mechanical unloading can be done with a dredge pump, grab, backhoe, excavating wheel, or bucket elevator.

Barge Based Excavator Dredge - Dredging Cutterhead

Excavator Cutterhead Dredge Video

Turn any excavator into a cost-effective and easy to use dredger with our cutterhead+dredge pump combo.  It also comes with dredging software so you can see your progress and guides your dredging actions.  Turns your excavator operators into expert dredgers.

Lake Dredging

Dredge FAQ Page

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