Equipment Rentals

Rent top-of-the-line dredging and pumping equipment that meet your contract requirements.

Rent equipment on a monthly basis or lease for a longer-term. Many of our clients have month-long or multi-month projects but don’t require specialized equipment long term.

Liner Safe Excavator Dredge Attachment

Excavator Dredge Attachment

Rent our 4-12 inch dredging excavator cutter-head for sand, gravel, mud, clay for severe job sites.  Optional liner-safe options, self-cleaning mud heads, and extended cutter-heads.

Pond Mini Dredge

Pond and Lagoon Mini Dredge

Cost-effective solution for your pond, lagoon, canal, tailings pond, and settling tank cleaning. In addition, Dredge Sleds are engineered and sized to meet the clients’ requirements. 

Dredge Excavator Hpu Combo

Excavator Dredge Attachment
With HPU

If your excavator cannot power the dredge attachment we offer a line of HPU pre-programmed to the cutter head.

Diver Dredge

Diver Operated Dredger

Run 1, 2 or 3 hoses for dive operators at once, 75 to 150 cubic yards of material per hour, fully submersible, 300-ft of suction hose can be added to the suction inlet of the pump, no booster pumps required as you can easily pump material over 2500-ft

Hydraulic Cable Deployed Pump With Water Jetting Agitator

Cable Deployed Dredger
+ Water Jetting

Deploy from crane, excavator, or a-frame barge, as a result, you can easily dredge only targeted materials, 4-inch through 12-inch pumps, 100-450 cubic yards per hour 

Self Priming Slurry Pump on Trailer

Self-Priming Slurry Pump

Incorporates a vacuum-assisted priming unit, this fills the pump with slurry or target material, then allowing for the main pump to work without having to be submerged. 

Booster Pump for Dredge Slurry

Booster Pump

If you are pumping slurry or viscous material long distances or you have to increase the amount of lift to the top of the plant you may need a booster pump. 

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Dredge Attachments

We have liner safe options for all of our dredging equipment.  Choose what you need at time of rental.