Permit Services for Dredging Projects

Projects that involve water, waterways, streams, creak beds, lakes, marinas, shoreline all require numerous permits from all levels of Government.


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Permits for Dredging

Major effort and planning is required to get the permits for your dredging project.  Any errors on the permit documents can require time for corrections that will delay your project.  It is best to use our permitting service so your project is delivered on-time and on-budget for your stakeholders.

  • Sampling & Analysis Plan
  • Environmental Documentation
  • Dredging & Disposal Plan
  • Proof of Legal Interest
  • Federal Consistency Determination or Certification
  • Sediment Characterization Study
Dredge Rainbowing

Watershed Project Permitting

These agencies  manage regulatory compliance and give permits for your project

  • City/County Planning Dept. & CEQA Review
  • City/County Environmental Health Department
  • Water/Irrigation Flood Control District
  • California Department of Fish & Game
  • State Water Resources Control Board of Water Rights Quality/Division Division of Water
  • Regional Water Quality Control Board
  • National Marine Fisheries Service
  • US Army Corps of Engineers
  • California Coastal Commission
  • National Environmental Policy Act
  • California Reclamation Board
  • U. S. Fish & Wildlife Service


Dredging Projects That Require Permits

  • Project Involves bank stabilization or erosion control?
  • Require the removal of trees or riparian vegetation?
  • Involve planting riparian vegetation?
  • Affect native plants, wildlife or fisheries?
  • Result in stormwater discharge into the creek?
  • Divert or obstruct the natural flow; or change the natural bed or bank of the creek
  • Involve repair, rehabilitation or replacement of any structure or fill adjacent to creek?
  • Involve building any structure adjacent to the creek
  • Involve fish and wildlife enhancement, attraction or harvesting devices and activities?
  • Use materials from a streambed (including but not limited to boulders rocks, gravel, sand and wood debris?
  • Require the disposal or deposition of debris, waste, or any material containing crumbled, flaked or ground pavement with a possibility that such material pass into the stream
  • Involve the removal of any materials from a stream or adds fill to the stream?
  • Involve grading or fill near the creek?
  • Involve a bridge or culvert?
  • Involve utility pipe lines?
  • Involve a septic leach field near the creek
  • Require a water well near the creek?
  • Involve work within historic or existing coastal wetlands?
  • Remove water from a creek for storage or direct use on non-riparian land?
  • Require that hazardous materials be generated and/or stored on site?
  • Involve a land disturbance of five acres of land
  • Involve a creek or stream with species listed as endangered or threatened?



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