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Dewatering Tank Benefits

Dewatering tanks offer a cost-effective solution for situations in which pumps are not available and sludge needs to be dewatered and transported. 

  • Construction
  • Horizontal Drilling and Boring
  • Liquid Containment
  • Pipeline
  • Emergency Response
  • Groundwater
Dewatering Tanks
Dewatering Tank on Construction Site

Hydro-tested containers in a range of sizes and functions:

  • 25 Yard Canvas Tarp Roll-Off Container
  • 25 Yard Steel Hard-Top Roll-Off Container
  • 25 Yard Dewatering Vacuum Box

Store hazardous and non-hazardous liquids, such as contaminated groundwater or stormwater runoff. Ideal for sediment separation and slurry containment.

  • Can be used in conjunction with pumps, filters, dewatering units and vacuum boxes as part of a large scale project
  • Can be used in large clean up operations, oil field operations or simply for temporary storage of water or other liquids
  • DOT registered vehicle and easily transported by a tractor with a winch and fifth wheel attachment

Dewatering and Solids Separation

Dewatering EPA

Solids Separation Systems

Dewatering and separating solids in tight confines and those who require a faster dewatering and separation solution, we build out an integrated system to fit your space requirements.

Decanter Centrifuge Slurry

Decanting Centrifuges

This offers you the opportunity to dewater to a greater level your slurry and make a cake that is easier to transport and less costly to dispose of.

Dredging Dewatering Consulting

Geotextile Tubes

Cost effective, simple to use and well known this is a great for those who want to dewater their dredge on site and optionally leave it for barrirr protection or haul it away.

Slurry enters the feed inlet at a designated pressure and volume. Independent of the shape or configuration of the inlet, slurry follows the fall of the upper cylinder in a rotating action. Resultant centrifugal forces send coarser material to the outer wall to travel downward and be further accelerated in the conical sections. These coarser fractions then exit through the apex, or spigot, at the bottom of the Hydrocyclone. Finer fractions remain rotating with the fluid in the inner core and are removed upward by an air core.


Remove solids from your slurry stream with the simple physics of Hydrocyclones.  This is a high speed option to separate your water from solids.

Shale Shaker Supplier

Shale Shakers and Shaker Screens

Immediately remove large solids and dewater from your slurry stream as part of your separation process.

Dewatering Tanks

Dewatering Tank Systems

Essentially a geotextile tube in a container, this option is great for emergency projects and city dewatering where space and the ability to truck the system away is important.