Barge Unloading using Water Jetting Dredge Pump

Unload Barges Faster with Less Maintenance and Downtime

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The quickest way to unload a barge is with a water jetting pump

P&S, an innovative and efficient centrifugal pump and dredging technology company offers operators of Pump Systems a wide range of quality products.  

Watch our jetting ring dredge pump for barge unloading, available for rent or sale.

Non-self-unloading barges need to be unloaded either mechanically or hydraulically. Mechanical unloading can be done with a dredge pump, grab, backhoe, excavating wheel or bucket elevator.   


  • low operating costs;
  • environmental compatibility in terms of dust and noise;
  • minimum weight and dimensions;
  • ease to operate and good mobility;
  • flexibility in the unloading of different types of materials;
  • compatibility in unloading from holds with different shapes and capacities;
  • high capacity of unloaded material;
  • reduced times for cleaning the unloading system between operations on different types of materials;
  • possibility of carrying out unloading operations even in bad weather (with the hold partially covered);
  • complete emptying of the hold with the minimum amount of human involvement inside the hold.

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