Barge Based Excavator Dredge

Increase navigation depth and sediments removal with any excavator

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Take control over your dredging with an excavator dredge attachment

Instead of purchasing an expensive dedicated dredging boat, that you have to store and spend maintenance money on, turn a rented backhoe into a dredger and turn your backhoe operator into an expert dredger with our dredge software.

Our cutter features a suction opening that is been connected to a dredging pump. The cutter cuts away the soil and mixes it with water. The mixture is then pumped away via a discharge hose. 

Excavator cutter suction dredgers are suitable for dredging all soil types, from very soft silt bottoms to rocky bottoms. Cutter suction dredgers can be used to dredge turf, clay, mud, sand, rubble, stones, and soft rocks.