Concrete Canal Dredging

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City water concreate canals over time loose their carrying capacity with debris,  aquatic vegetation growth, and sediments.


We provide dredging for canals to bring them back from decades of under-maintenance. Working within timing restrictions of aquatic  species and weather.

  • Improve water quality
  • Restore canal’s original carrying capacity
  • Remove accumulated sediment, aquatic vegetation growth and debris
  • Post-dredge hydrographic surveys
  • Special care of historic structures and historic finds.
  • Build staging and sediment dewatering areas.
Canal Dredging


The slurry is conveyed via booster pumps and floating pipes to the geo-textile dewatering bags. Before entering the bags, polymer dosages are applied to expedite flocculation and coagulation of the sediments in the geobags.

Canals are vital for drainage, navigation, irrigation, and power projects around the globe. Dredging removes sediment from canals in controlled layers that allow the canal to be restored to its original even-bottom profile. Dredging can remove buildup of sediment in canals that block drainage and contribute to flash flooding during heavy rain events. It is also ideal for cleaning and maintaining existing navigation canals.


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