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Pump and Slurry specialize in large and unique lagoons that are too big, too thick of solids, or too complicated for most pumpers. Manure lagoons especially tend to lose capacity over time because the solids are so difficult to remove.
Lagoons that have received non-degradable material over a period of years will usually show signs of excessive solids buildup. Such materials may include bedding (straw, wood shavings, sawdust, sand, etc.), as well as undigested fibrous materials in the manure itself.
The residual value of the manure can offset if not pay for the cleanout costs.
Manure Pond Dredging
Dairy lagoons are particularly susceptible to build-up because they receive high amounts of these materials. Solid materials which are denser than water settle to the bottom of the lagoon, and can create “mounds” of built-up solid material at several places in the lagoon.
Materials less dense than water stay on the lagoon surface, and form floating mats or crusts. These crusts can support vegetative growth, and in extreme cases, the lagoon surface may become completely covered with thriving vegetation.
Long hay, bedding, and other fibrous material in lagoons will plug suction intake lines and impellers, in many cases. For this reason, a chopper pump is often used as the first device in the pumping circuit. It will reduce the size of solids and minimize the chances of plugging downstream.
Since the chopper pump may provide sufficient flow — but not pressure — to operate the system, a booster pump is used to raise the pressure required by the distribution system being used.
The long-term buildup of solids in a livestock manure lagoon results in a significant stockpiling of nutrients, which are then land-applied in the solids removal operation. A nutrient management plan should be developed to provide the proper application of nutrients, at agronomic rates which protect surface and groundwater.


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