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Dredging Systems for Power Plants

We offer remote and on-board controlled dredging systems that can be operated via multiple methods, including handheld radio remote control transmitters and fixed shore-mounted control panels.

The boom hoist positions the auger and submersible slurry pump vertically in the sediment while the traversing winch propels the machine forward and backward along a wire rope cable anchored at both ends (on both sides of the lagoon.) This design provides a cost-effective means of hydraulically dredging sediments.
Coal Ash Power Plant Dredging

How Do Hydraulic Dredges Work?

Hydraulic dredges work by fluidizing the sediment into a slurry that can be pumped ashore for dewatering and processingHydraulic dredges are floating and maneuverable dredge plants that use a rotating cutter head operating at the end of the inlet piping to the dredgeAboard the dredge are large pumps (or a series of pumps) that draw sediment material removed by the cutter head into the 8- to 12-inch transfer piping and discharge the slurry ashore (via a floating pipeline) for dewatering and processingThe floating dredge plant is very portable, and well suited for accessing and operating in shallow and otherwise restrictive environmentsIt is a very unobtrusive method that does not require disturbing the shoreline, except during launching and recovery.

Useful For:

Water intake basins
Bottom ash ponds
Fly ash ponds
CCR removal and closure
Outlet channels
Coal fired plants
Nuclear plants
Tailings Ponds

Pond Mini Dredge


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